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The Jool-1 from M.A.X. AEROSPACE!


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Hello and welcome to the presentation of the new Jool-1 interplanetary rocket from M.A.X. AEROSPACE!


The Jool-1 is a revolutionary new design using the innovative "asparagus stalk" booster configuration. It features 4 rovers and two atmospheric probes so that all Joovan bodies can be explored in one mission.

Bring the Jool-1 up to a circular orbit at 125km. You should have almost all of the middle stack of fuel remaining.

Burn 124 degrees before Kerbin's prograde while Kerbin is 80 degrees from Jool.

Circularize around Jool and deploy your rovers to all of the moons.

Put yourself in an aerobraking orbit and deploy your atmospheric probes. Recover to a safe orbit and watch your probes descend (mechjeb is included so that you can ride aboard as your probes descend.)

Option 1: Return to Kerbin.

Option 2: Fly to the center of the planet in a Suicidal Scientific Effort ©.

We hope you have enjoyed this presentation of M.A.X. AEROSPACE's newest ship! Check out our complete lineup at:


Please note that this design includes the following mods: Cart mod, MechJeb and Damned Robotics.

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