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What is difference between ordinary KSP and KerbalEDU

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KerbalEDU is currently based on KSP 1.4.5, I listed the main points i have found over time at this link:


  • Licenses: KerbalEDU is login based multi-user per one license; where as KSP is a personal single user license.
    • Economical pricing packages for EDU/public institutions sold by TeacherGaming
  • a Package of Teaching Lessons & Missions & TGdesk integration (from versions 1.3.1 on) to make teaching with KerbalEDU easier
    • cloud saves of important game files for each unique login identifier ( = getting better at device independence )
  • the original Mission Editor...anyone with a KerbalEDU license may make & post a KerbalEDU lesson/mission in the EDU Mission Library
    • this is connected to the KerbalEDU event system which also sends info to TGdesk
  • KerbalEDU includes "Mods" like the great EDU Flight Recorder (much better than MechJeb's) & EDU Function tool & Energy Spheres tool, etc...
  • Updates about 1 year behind the main KSP releases & skips minor KSP updates. 
  • KSP mods run in KerbalEDU
    • note: some Mods ( e.g. FAR ) will change conditions so that some specific stock & EDU missions events will not trigger (e.g. parachute settings)
    • or work e.g. RSS  or SLIPPIST-1 change the solar system so missions in the Kerbin system will not work & explosions abound ;-)
  • The "Making History Expansion 1.4.0 for KSP 1.4.5" runs in KerbalEDU 1.4.5 but is not currently included in the KerbalEDU license so requires an additional purchase....remains a gray area not yet worked out.
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