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[1.8+] Procedural Fairings


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56 minutes ago, bigyihsuan said:

Thanks, looks like it's using the same keys for the modules.

I thought that at first but confusingly it didn't work. After checking the source code I found that the fields were named differently between the two mods. e.g. diameterStepLarge (PF) vs diameterLargeStep (PP)

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Y'all in career - if you're playing with the difficulty setting that forces you to purchase parts before you can use them, you will have to buy the fairing size upgrades in R&D in order to use sizes larger than 1.5m as the upgrades will not show up in the parts list.


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I'm trying this mod; It's great, but i experiencing a lot of drag at launch. 

if I have understood correctly from other posts, this is due to the fact that unlike stock fairing these do not reduce the drag of the payload. Is there a solution besides more gimbal and smaller fairings?

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On 1/29/2022 at 6:56 PM, Electrosynthesis said:

Echoing the drag issues another user mentioned a few months back.

From what I can see using the aero debug tool and F12, procedural fairing bases don't have any drag occlusion area. The game ends up thinking that anything attached directly beneath the fairing base is completely unprotected from the airflow. Usually that's a fuel tank with a flat top, resulting in very high drag and an aerodynamically unstable rocket.

Is there any fixes for this? The problem is still there. 

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