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[1.8+] Procedural Fairings


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56 minutes ago, bigyihsuan said:

Thanks, looks like it's using the same keys for the modules.

I thought that at first but confusingly it didn't work. After checking the source code I found that the fields were named differently between the two mods. e.g. diameterStepLarge (PF) vs diameterLargeStep (PP)

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Y'all in career - if you're playing with the difficulty setting that forces you to purchase parts before you can use them, you will have to buy the fairing size upgrades in R&D in order to use sizes larger than 1.5m as the upgrades will not show up in the parts list.


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I'm trying this mod; It's great, but i experiencing a lot of drag at launch. 

if I have understood correctly from other posts, this is due to the fact that unlike stock fairing these do not reduce the drag of the payload. Is there a solution besides more gimbal and smaller fairings?

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