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[1.10.x] Precise Editor [August 31 2020]


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The mod "Precise Editor" breaks both the TweakScale and the B9PartSwitch (maybe other mods too). I had many Exception errors from TweakScale and B9PartSwitch in my log file and when I removed the "Precise Editor" mod everything looks fine.

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On 5/21/2021 at 10:23 AM, IvanBatura said:

A way to align parts on axes without having to copy/paste values manually would be very helpful.


I'm having trouble understanding what you're looking for here.  Can you elaborate a bit more?

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@zolotiyeruki Could you add a button on the Precise Editor 'Vessel' window for editing a root part?

A button will be opening the same editing window, as clicking `P` on the root part.

Editing position of a root part is also editing position of a whole vessel, so it could be there for convenience.

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9 hours ago, zolotiyeruki said:

I'm struggling to understand the utility of it.

One of the LGG mod has B hotkey to centralize vessel in the VAB on a specified height, but Modular launch pad need to be on a certain height, so after B hotkey I need to move a vessel strictly up or down, for that I need to find a root part. 

Moving with Shift is free for all axis, so doesn't work there.

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