DJA 1946 BDAc AI Dogfight Tournament

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On 6/7/2019 at 8:02 PM, aleksey444 said:


Thank you for the heads up, with the coming KSP-2 I decided to take a look back. Perhaps I will return to this forum and join this fight.

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Round 2, Match 6, between @Alioth81's AL-21 Dragonfly and @Me1_base's Zephyrion-Zero:

In which the Blizzard pilots of R1, M6 are found to be lacking ambition.


AI rap sheet thus far:
Rammings: IIII IIII II
Friendly Fire: I
Ground collisions: IIII IIII



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Looks like a fight in slow motion :)

Does any one know what determines if a plane is torn apart during a ramming? Is it the wing strength you can set in FAR?

@SuicidalInsanity Did you change the 30mm tracers? i do not see any lasers :cool:

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Re: ram damage, I don't know. Some quick testing showed that both stock and proc wingboards are equally resistant (though strangely perpendicular wings resisted impart better than angled, at least in the test setup I had), regardless of FAR mass setting, so I don't think it's that. Best guess is autostruts are involved somehow; in impacts within a part's crash tolerance the joint between the part and its parent wants to bend to absorb impact, could be when a wing is strutted to something else lever action is torquing that part as well, maybe causing both to break. More testing is required.
Yes, tracers got tweaked a bit. Original config had them about 10x wider than they should be, so I reduced their size to see what that would be like. I can re-embiggen them if needs be.

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