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Structure Welding (Maybe)?


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Hello everybody!

How y'all doing today? I'm doing okay

I have seen that there are mods out there that allow you to weld multiple parts into one part, to make physics easier to run, and less laggy. My question is, is there a mod that allows you to select specific parts of a craft, say all the MK3 fuel tanks, and just weld them together. I don't want my solar panels becoming fuel tanks too.

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Yes. Ubiowelding. 

However the current forks are outdated, at least until the moment. There're a lot of info on this thread:

The less bad one appears to be my personal, interim fork. It's not working on 1.7 as I was Informed, but you can weld things on 1.5 or 1.6 and use the welded parts on 1.7. I didn't really confirmed this yet.


You need to install this too:



Module Manager 4 changed something important (besides trivial) and no Ubiowelding can work with it. You need to use Module Manager 3.

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