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KSP Loading... Preview: Breaking Ground - Moho Wrinkle Ridge

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5 minutes ago, KerikBalm said:

I agree, that is why I mod all the probes to have a 100% detection rate.

Its also why I proposed a different system in the suggestions forum for 100% detection rates, but with location error, so more advanced probe cores give more accurate locations.

The current system is a clickfest

Oh that's right that was you. That was a great suggestion.

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Looks to have the typical SQUAD quality:

  • sensible base idea
  • good details on the new object
  • questionable texturing choices (why is a "cooled lava flow" painted orange?)
  • no effort whatsoever to integrate with existing parts of the game, in this case the planetary surface. It looks like a "alien organs" loot drop from a 2000s space rpg.
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