Most efficient ways to conquer earth

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1 hour ago, Terwin said:

Why are you so fixated on mammals?

Not in the least. I accept any bags of meat.

1 hour ago, Terwin said:

Many lizards can 'switch gears' between a slow and efficient waddling walk and a fast energy-intensive sprinting run by rotating their legs to either be beside them(waddle) or under them(sprint).

A minor adaptation of the same line of models.

1 hour ago, Terwin said:

A fish skeleton looks nothing like a horse skeleton

That's exactly why I've brought as a sample mammals. Of course, a fish skeleton looks different.



If you don't know their look and size, they look very close. just minor adapations of particular bones.

A cousin.



They don't look same. They look close to average.

Sometimes there can be anomalies:



and they can be numerous.

But as if you make in your head their average look, this is just a dull, gray



or so.

Of average size, with no exotic skull, magnificent horns, with four limbs.

There are various kinds of dogs, looking absolutely differrent. But if you let them uncontrollably cross, very soon you will get a dull, average street dog.

And that's normal because a narrow specialization limits the ability of wide adaptation. So, special animals exist in special conditions, while the common design became common because it matches the widest set of conditions.
So, there can be as much exotics as they want, but an average design will stay as simple as possible, rat-looking, ferret-looking, lizard-looking, etc.

Their evolution can produce a six-legged ratlizard with for three eyes as a basic design, why not.
But we can be sure it will happen with much greater probability than if the basic design will be a horned elephant with butterfly wings and scorpion tail.

And the Earth complex life has probably the simplest possible mechanical scheme: four limbs, a stereo pair of eyes (even arthropodes have a pair of big ones, others are rudimentary) and ears, and so on.

So, I believe their basic design will probably be something such simple, too. Because physics.

Of course, a sapient species should be an active hunter/gatherer, otherwise it doesn't need intellect. Just there would be nothing to apply it to.
This makes much less probable tree-like designs and so on. It should be some kind of a rover, like we are.

1 hour ago, Terwin said:

A fish skeleton looks

Like a worm reinforced from inside, and they have appeared more or less simultaneously to the arthropodes, just from another major branch of worm-like creatures (not from the worms of course).

The arthropodes are just worm-like creatures reinforced from outside.

Molluscs are just worm-like creatures either not reinforced at all, or reinforced from outside with a shell.

Basically all of them are worm-like, are pipes with tentacles.
It's hard to invent something simpler than a pipe, getting chemicals into the input end, and exhausting produced chemicals from the output end. Usually (but not necessary) with a bunch of tentacles at the input end.



Probably any complex life evolution shall start from a direct-flow pipe. I just can't imagine anything different, can you?

Some of the pipes are sitting, some pipes are floating, some pipes are even crawling on the bottom. Usually they have tentacles.

They evolve, change their shapes, grow and reduce inner organs, but this doesn't matter, they are simple pipes with tentacles.

They grow and start reinforcing their soft body with hard structures.

Some of them do this from outside. Here on the Earth we call them worms.
When they are enough big and wear a hard cover, they start getting segmented, Pure physics, nothing more. They need both flexibility and hardness at once, so it's the only way.
Their tentacles  are getting harder, too.
We get a pipe reinforced from outside and call it polychaete.



May an extraterrestrial pipe have another chemistry, another set of organs, five heads in random places?
Why not. Sometimes.
But in average it will be a reinforced segmented one-way pipe with one head, like this one. Because of physics and logistics.
We may or may not call it "polychaete", it will not be offended, but its basic design will be same.

Some of these pipes will get bigger, their soft tentacles inside hard boots and gloves will get stronger, get spiltted and jointed like scissors.
Here on the Earth we call such worms arthropodes, particularly crustacea. Some of them become insects and other arthropodes (in our slang).
But all of them are just overgrown worms, pipes with tentacles, covered with ammo.

Another group of worms stay soft and sometimes grow a compact armor, a shell.
We call them molluscs.
But all of them are just overgrown worms, pipes with tentacles, covered with ammo.

Can this go other way on a nother planet? How? Any realistic alternative way to keep the ammo hard and flexible?

The outer ammo produces absolutely same physical problems with growth, with inner skeleton, and so on.

So, an extraterrestrial arthropode may have another chemistry, number of legs, particular equipment. But basically it will look not more different than various kinds of terrestrial arthropodes.
Just one more crab with four eyes and four jaws jaw legs.

Can they get bigger? No. Because of physics. They need breathing.

The same with extraterrestrial molluscs.


Some floating pipes with tentacles start reinforcing their sift bodies from inside.
So we get fishes.
Will an extraterrestrial fish differ? Well, it can have a sixpack of tentacles instead of jaws and a worm-like tail, but this doesn't matter. Just such strange, stupid fish.
(Especially in English with its crawfish, jellyfish, etc, lol).

Will it get to the land? Of course it should. Will it have 18 legs? Unlikely. Too much. Just four, maybe six.

Then see above the skeletons of the post-pipes called mammals.

So, an E.T. could be a hexapod Cthulhu with tentacles on head instead of jaws, but nothing really specific and unbelievable.

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Posted (edited)

Several things:

1. Wrath of the whom? 80% of German war material was lost in fighting the Soviets. By D-day Germany would have needed a miracle to win even without Britain and America opening a second front. World War II was to a first degree approximation a German-Soviet war. That is why the death tolls for Germany and the USSR are like 8.8 and 27 million, respectively, while that for America and Britain and France were like 500,000 each.

2. They don't need to have godlike powers to reduce death among their human allies. Literally just offer them that you'll use your super advanced computing power and advanced AI to develop solutions to treat/cure aging. A disease that everyone has regardless of class, sex, or nationality, which threatens the survival and quality of life of the rulers just as much as that of working classes, regardless of the economic and political system of a country. A cure for aging is 90% the same thing as a cure for death, and would most definitely be worth a substantial cost in terms of collateral damage. Maybe even fighting the aliens' wars for them. Remember, human invaders often got the local population to do their job for them. Many of the most horrific acts in colonialism were committed with help from whichever locals would be willing to sacrifice a neighboring faction (or even their own poorer civilians) for wealth and power. Humans have not changed too especially much, so bribing one faction to do their bidding should be plenty possible for the aliens.

3. Also why are we assuming a large fraction would refuse to submit, when given the option of execution or goverment by aliens? For the most part rebels operate in secrecy or security. When the aliens have a blaster pointed to your head is not the time to start telling them you'll never bow down because you're a liberal/communist/nationalist/ancap/fascist/Sunni theocrat/anarchist/monarchist/etc. Most people, both potential revolutionaries and otherwise, are not gonna throw away their lives so that they can be out about their disapproval of the goverment. They will be much more tactical, like say learning about how to build a shaped charge IED and putting it next to an alien hovertank, from behind where its armor is likely thin, or distributing pseudonymous manifestos about popular revolt against the aliens.

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On 6/10/2019 at 5:56 PM, tater said:

Start a tech company, then control what everyone is allowed to see and hear?

That’s offensive to lizardmen.


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