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Kerbal Space Program: Breaking Ground Expansion - Grand Discussion Thread


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Explore the Kerbal Universe like never before with Kerbal Space Program: Breaking Ground, the latest expansion pack for KSP. Breaking Ground is all about exploration, experimentation, and technological breakthroughs. Study mysterious Surface Features on all of the moons and planets of the Solar System. Set up a base and deploy experiments for the long-term study of celestial bodies, and test your creativity with brand new robotic parts. Breaking Ground will help you and the Kerbals reach new horizons, all in the name of Science!

Robotic Parts

Take your creativity to the next level! Brand new robotic parts, include hinges, rotors, pistons and rotational servos. These parts come with new control mechanics and let you create all sorts of inventive vehicles and crazy contraptions to aid the Kerbals in exploring their Universe!


Surface Features

Find interesting Surface Features, like mineral formations, meteors, craters, and some even more curious planetary features across the solar system. Study them and collect valuable scientific data with a brand-new Rover Arm!


Deployed Science

Bring equipment for experiments with you from Kerbin and deploy them on the surface of a celestial body to take measurements over time. Set up a science station and put your crew to work. From seismometers to weather stations, there are plenty of experiments for you to try out!


Additionally, we’ve kept our promise that all players who purchased the game through April 2013 will receive the expansion for free. To redeem the game click here and follow the instructions.

Kerbal Space Program: Breaking Ground Expansion is now available on Steam, the KSP Store,  and will soon be available on GOG and other third party resellers.

As with every release this thread will be used to bundle all general discussion about the new DLC so that the forums can continue to actively host threads on other topics as well. CLICK HERE for the official release announcement for Kerbal Space Program: Breaking Ground Expansion.

Happy launchings!

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Congratulations to the Squad community team, @UomoCapra and @St4rdust in particular, for generating the hype this game deserves. It feels like there’s fresh energy when things previously felt a but like fading away. I hope you can keep it up!

I also hope to see a bit more involvement in acknowledging community feedback (in a different form than “use the bug tracker for that;” certainly bugs should be reported into the BT but knowing that general feedback is recorded and considered would be very welcome).

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Three words: Value Bundle, [emphasis redacted -ed.]

I might consider buying another copy of KSP if it came with the DLCs, and was cheaper then buying all three separately.

Oh and merch... can't forget about the merch... a figure with the new tron line suit that glows.

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=================================== v1.7.1 ============================================================
+++ Improvements
* Implemented Cargo part category and Inventory processing.
* Implemented PAW UI drop-down grouping functionality.
* Implemented scrollbars to PAW UI windows.
* Added a new type for PAW fields, a double slider to set ranges with a min and max values
* Kerbal Portraits now available on EVA.
* Implemented Axis groups.
* Implemented Action/Axis group override sets (if 'Activate Action Sets' is enabled)
* New game setting - Shadow casting for CBs.
* Add and apply High Gee settings to wheel suspension.

+++ Localization

+++ Parts
* Fix Bobcat, Wolfhound, Kodiak, Poodle, Terrier, Spark, Flea, Hammer SRBs not recognising thrust obstructions.
* Fix Twitch, Spark ISP engine value.
* Fix Flea and Hammer white variant using incorrect texture

+++ Bugfixes
* Fix for maneuver mode UI being interactable while the Pause Menu is active
* Fix for maneuver nodes collapsing to delete mode if moused-over quickly after switching nodes with the maneuver mode UI.
* Fix maneuver node data being copied across nodes in some circumstances when using the maneuver node editor.
* Fix NRE when root part is delete and fuel overlay is turned on.
* Fix Menu Navigation when in the Game Difficulty > Advanced menu.
* Fixes to wheel suspension spring and damper settings.
* Fix wheel damage on docking, undocking and loading on high Gee CBs.
* Fix wheel friction.
* Fix engineer report showing incorrect mass for vessels containing parts with variable part module mass.
* Fix simply clicking on maneuver node resetting the node burn.
* Fix science experiment overwrite dialog text.

+++ Mods
* Added GameSettings.SaveSettingsOnNextGameSave method to flag the settings dirty and trigger a settings save next time the game is saved.
* New GameEvents.onPartActionUIShown when PAW window is shown.
* PartLoader no longer clears modules and resources from preconfigured parts.
* Contracts - contract definitions Nodes are now processed additively. Before subsequent Contract nodes encountered on loading would override each other.
* Experience Trait nodes can now handle multiple Effect nodes in different cfg files.


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3 minutes ago, lekkimsm2500 said:


Thanks. May I have the source for the changelog?

Specifically, does this mean we do not have "new parts replacing old parts"?

Also, what is the new value for Spark and twitch?

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38 minutes ago, FleshJeb said:

That release video was pretty darn entertaining. I'd watch more of those.

Check the rest of the Kerbal Space Program YouTube channel. They've been doing these for a while. 


I think my personal favourite is still https://youtu.be/hUjGW2htpR4

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8 minutes ago, Jestersage said:

Thanks. May I have the source for the changelog?

Specifically, does this mean we do not have "new parts replacing old parts"?

Also, what is the new value for Spark and twitch?

Straight from the readme of the main folder, as it has always been.

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Found a fun bug.  Take a rocket in the VAB, attach the small pistons.  Extend them to full length. Connect parts on the other end of them.  Retract.  The parts stay in their original location when they were hooked on but are still connected.


I had a rocket take off with floating attachments.

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