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Is KSP DLC Breaking Ground worth the money?

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Is it worth it?  Ohh yeeaaah.  I think so, yes i am an early adopter so qualify for a free one, but having used it a little, had i paid i would have no doubt it is worth what i would have paid for it.

@Yeet_TheDinosaur  congrats on getting the game.  I would echo what several have said already.  KSP has a lot to learn, stay as you are for now and get to grips with building, flying, landing, orbiting, docking and all the other cool stuff before adding extra things to further complicate the already steep learning curve.  Then you will also get better value and enjoyment from the DLC when you do get it as you will be in a much better position to use what it adds.


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22 hours ago, Yeet_TheDinosaur said:



So... I shouldn't buy the DLC until I go to the Mun (and return). Do you mean in a sandbox or in science/career mode? But even though I go to the Mun and return (it's gonna take a while), my parents are likely to have forgotten it. So I think I'll buy it now and use it later.

Then have a nice day of crashing stuff into KSC!

No, you should but it's probably better if you learn how to play and land on a body before doing science. Buy the DLC, it's fun but if you want to use it for surface exploration.

Also, a big tip, don't start out with a career mode. Science is better for starters. I have played for 6 months now and still haven't found out how to survive in career mode and in science and sandbox I have landed on every planet and moon. so don't start with career.

Anyway buy the DLC worth it for sure

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On 6/2/2019 at 4:05 AM, merlinux said:

I havent use IR in years, but I did peek at the thread multiple times recently. And I thought the current itteration of the mod relied on a fork of KJR or I may  haved missed something... In the case that you also have KJR with IR in your modlist, your comparison is very unfair...

KJR (kerbal joint reinforcement) for those who don't know is an amazing mod which strengthen the joints on parts. The features of the mod were (kind of) implemented to stock with autostruts and rigid attachment a while back.

But yes @Yeet_TheDinosaur the DLC is totally worth it ;)

no i dont use KJR


actually i tried KJR yesterday, but it didn't work correctly, then i deleted KJR

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Depends, ksp DLCs are much simpler than in mods. I've tried Bluedog Design Bureau and there are many parts unlike what I see in the Making History, BDB part texture are also less stock like and thus you mostly could only fit modded parts with modded parts to look good. I believe this also relates to Breaking Ground and IR, on one hand you have a simpler stockalike robotic program and texture, and it also has preview. I tried IR before but it was complicated and I couldn't make things work so I instantly delete IR after closing the game. But if you're an expert mod user then Breaking Ground probably wouldn't be that worth. About the science, I believe it's worth it if your saying the surface experiments as you won't need to be staying there for the science to run. But for the terrain science, it's just like terrain scatter but with a hit box and extra science. So I'll say it's kinda worth it.

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The original question has been asked almost a year ago, but I believe that it is a very good question, and also a question that many people are still asking themselves. Just as I was. Quite recently, actually.

I had the feeling that the amount of the contents in the DLCs was slightly too small to justify the price tag. That was also the prevailing opinion in the majority of the critical reviews, which I have read.

So, I made a decision based on something different. The guys have given me a few years worth of fun. Not only the past years, but - because they designed the program so that I can just simply make a backup, and as long as there will be any electronic machine capable of running it, - I may also be able to enjoy it in some grim post-apocaliptic future. And I have paid them for it only once. So, I concluded that even if the contents would not be worth roughly an equivalent of two beers on Oktoberfest (you know - those, which they call "ein Mass", and they are 1 liter each), then the guys deserve something also for what they have done in the past. And as much as I can predict the future, there is a big chance that they will keep improving it.

And I'm glad that I got them (the DLCs, I mean). It is not a charity. Even if some parts still look a little rough (like the UI of the missions conditions - if I remember it well. I have tried the missions only once), now I have a feeling that there was some serious work put into deeper mechanisms. It's not unusual for the programmer to conclude the result of a few weeks/months of work: "Hey guys, there was some serious work there. The expected result is that there are no visible changes." :P

And I love the new parts - I have a deep sentiment to the Soviet space program, and so far I was able (without mods, I mean) replicate mostly just Sputnik. Now, for example, I have the Vostok/Voskhod (and the description "Many little Kerbals inside this one. Couldn't fit more." made me laugh. So historically true.)

The deployable science is also nice. With that "Ground Slam Seismometer" I finally have some use for all these old satellites, launched for contracts, and rendering my map view barely usable. Crash them into Mun, not only for fun, but also for profit! Yay!

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Depends on who you ask. I don't play on the newer KSP versions, nor have I purchased any of the DLC, but it seems overpriced in my opinion. Not to mention much of the same functionality can be added with some mods.

I think you should just research the expansions and if you think you'll enjoy playing on them, then get the expansions. What other people think about it shouldn't matter.

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