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Strange docking behaviour with robotic parts

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I've been recently working on a spaceplane that gets assembled in orbit out from a storage bay. In the pircture attached you can see that the plane relies on being attached to docking ports, which strangely enough magnetize after being brought together despite still being part of the same ship. The problem comes when you decouple the holding arms when the parts are all assembled. It seems decoupling the ship from the assembly arms causes the entire ship to undock with itself. (This happens even if you individually decouple/undock the ship from the parent ship). Does anyone have a solution for this?


Everything looks okay in the SPH


So far so good in space. Ship assembly looks in order and docking is confirmed.


Now whenever I try to manually decouple the docking port holding the ship to the mothership...


... Docking with the wings are lost and the entire fuselage is released instead.



Here are some other things I have already tried but didn't work:

- Simultaneous undocking with mothership.

-Using decouplers to separate the mothership.

-Enabling/disabling auto struts

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I can confirm that I have seen this. and I have not found a work around.

Seems to require a in game docking.

I also created a case in which this behavior didn't recreate, but my docking port that I was moving seemed to go dead, and couldn't reattach.

It is a more complicated bug than it might seem at first.

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I'm glad I'm not the only one that's seeing this. Frankly, this is going to become a bigger problem than just something that affects elaborate contraptions like mine. I can foresee this causing bigger problems with simpler machines like those of basic cranes used for colony base building.

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I wanted to use jr docking ports on my robot arms because the advanced grabbing unit and pressurized vessels offend my delicate sensibilities. 


I presume it will get fixed and if we can create a clear explanation as o to when it does happen and when it doesn't, it will happen that much faster.

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Robotic parts are not separate crafts. There is something going on here. Raising a bug report and providing good information to reproduce along with attaching craft files will make QAs job and a dev able to quickly identify and find a fix to the problem.


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Well I can do that, I've been trying to create a good bug report. Sometimes the robot part detaches some times the station part being moved detaches and I don't understand the in's and out of that.


Bug file 22751

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1 hour ago, Levelord said:

Additionally there has been an old docking bug that has been reintroduced in the DLC. A fellow KSP user has made a video showcasing the problem.

Actually I don't think that bug ever went away, it was just very rare and not able to be reproduced in any way.

Is this reproducible? As in, if you do this multiple times with this craft in a certain way, does it happen every time? If so, that craft and video should be added to the bug report - or a new one filed if that bug report has been closed (or never opened). Maybe it can get fixed once and for all.

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