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I keep seeing people talking about the enhanced editions big update. Well it came, and still no delta V readout. Is there any word from the dev's as to when they plan on adding this? I mean, I can make an excel spreadsheet that does the equation, and I dont really see how it would be that much harder to add it on console than it was to add it to PC... to be fair, I dont design games and I dont know what challenges it holds, but it is the single most requested feature, it's kinda silly that they left it out. Anybody else agree, or does anyone know if they are going to add it at all, and if so, when?

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Squad Does not release a roadmap of their plans.  We have no idea what they are planning to do.

Console Versions of KSP are not made by Squad, but by a subcontractor called Blitworks.  Squad has to wait for the PC version to be proven stable before they will consider porting it to the consoles.   Then Blitworks has to port the actual code over to the consoles.  Then that has to be proven stable.  Some features that are "easy" to do on a PC are very complicated on a console due to the nature of KSP physics and the graphics centric nature of console games, so those have to be reworked.   Once that is done, the game has to go through some certification process for each console they are released on.    That whole process takes time. 

That time frame is about a year or so behind PC releases. 


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