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Duplicate Toolbar button issue


Hello amazing community

For some reason on every scene change KSP has started duplicating all of the stock buttons on the toolbar (i'm 90% sure i didn't install any extra mods), most of these buttons don't work, please see attached pic;


and this gets worse on each scene change and persists;


Here is my output file (i think/hope)



Mod list;

KSP: 1.7.1 (Win64) - Unity: 2017.1.3p1 - OS: Windows 10  (10.0.0) 64bit
000_AT_Utils - 1.8
ClickThroughBlocker -
Toolbar - 1.7.18
USI Tools - 1.1
ToolbarControl -
Airplane Plus - 24.0
AtmosphereAutopilot - 1.5.12
Aviation Lights - 4.0.7
B9 Part Switch - 2.7.1
Bon Voyage - 0.14.4
Community Category Kit - 4.1
Community Resource Pack - 1.1
CommunityTechTree - 3.3.7
ConfigurableContainers -
Contract Configurator - 1.27.1
Contract Pack: Clever Sats - 1.4
Contract Pack: Field Research - 1.2.1
Contract Pack: Kerbal Academy -
Contract Pack: Bases and Stations -
Contract Pack: Tourism Plus - 1.5.2
Easy Vessel Switch - 1.11.7052.36539
Firespitter - 7.12
GroundConstruction - 2.4
KAS - 1.3.7050.3681
Kerbal Construction Time -
Kerbal Engineer Redux - 1.1.6
Kerbal Flight Indicators - 17.0
Kerbal Joint Reinforcement - 4.0.10
KerbalKonstructs -
KerbinSide-Complete - 1.5.1
Kerbal Inventory System - 1.22.7090.200
KSP-AVC Plugin -
MagiCore -
Infernal Robotics - 3.0
MarkIVSystem - 3.0.2
NearFutureProps - 0.5.1
Precise Maneuver - 2.4.1
RCS Build Aid -
ResonantOrbitCalculator -
SCANsat -
ScrapYard - 1.1.2
StageRecovery - 1.9.1
StationPartsExpansionRedux - 1.2.1
Surface Mounted Lights - 1.13.7052.37376
TextureReplacer - 3.7
Kerbal Alarm Clock - 3.10
Transfer Window Planner - 1.6.3
USI Core - 1.1
USI Exploration Pack - 1.1
Konstruction - 1.1
MKS - 1.1
Sounding Rockets - 1.1
Unmanned before Manned -
Waypoint Manager - 2.7.5
WildBlueTools - 1.73.1
Kerbal Actuators - 1.7.4
Buffalo - 2.7.1
Classic Stock Resources - 1.0.5
Airships - 2.15
[x] Science! - 5.19


Please help im really enjoying this save :(

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different output file cos following simple instructions is hard :D

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11 minutes ago, Lord_inter said:

This is an old log from 1.3.1. Since 1.4, the output log is saved in a different location:


%USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\Squad\Kerbal Space Program\output_log.txt

 @linuxgurugamer  this looks like the exact same issue which happened to your GPP career but I can't remember if you found a fix for it...

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It's the one from here "C:\Users\xxxxx\Desktop\Kerbal Space Program\KSP_x64_Data"


I can see a debug file under "C:\Users\xxxxx\Desktop\Kerbal Space Program" but no output file :(

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8 minutes ago, Lord_inter said:

It's the one from here "C:\Users\xxxxx\Desktop\Kerbal Space Program\KSP_x64_Data" 


I can see a debug file under "C:\Users\xxxxx\Desktop\Kerbal Space Program" but no output file :(

just open any folder, copy&paste this part of the file location into the adressbar of the folder and you should find the correct output_log:


%USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\Squad\Kerbal Space Program\

It will redirect you automatically to "C:\Users\<username>\AppData\LocalLow\Squad\Kerbal Space Program". "AppData" is a hidden folder which is usually not visible but if you just put the file path into the adressbar of any folder, you'll find the correct log :)

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14 minutes ago, Lord_inter said:

Here it is


Thank you so much, I was trying so hard to be a good boy :D

Yep, that's the correct log :) Unfortunately, it stops during the loading procedure of the game so there are still a lot of missing information :/  Please start the game, load your savegame, switch through some scenes until the the toolbar buttons are duplicated and close the game again. Then, upload the new log please :)

Anyway, there are a few things I've noticed already but they are probably not related:

KAS v0.6.4.39793 / v0.6.4 for KSP 1.4+
KAS-API-v1 v1.0.0.0 / vKAS API v1
KAS-API-v2 v2.0.7037.1430 / vKAS API v2
KAS v1.3.7050.3681 / v1.3-pre for KSP 1.6+

Two versions of KAS are installed. I guess, you updated from 0.6.4 to 1.0 just by replacing the old version instead of deleting it? 1.0 comes with some huge changes to the mod and running both version may cause some other issues. Probably also the reason why got multiple versions of "KSPDEV_Utils" which is part of KAS and KIS. Take a look at the OP of the mod thread for more informations about this:

Also, I'm a bit worried about this:

UnityEngine v0.0.0.0
UnityEngine.UI v1.0.0.0

These are listed as mod DLLs but they are actually stock files. If someone put them into their mod, I would expect a few issues (and afaik it's a violation of the EULA). The stock files are located in "Kerbal Space Program/KSP_x64_Data/Managed" but if you can find any in a different directory, I would suggest to remove them (but take a note where you found them first, might be relevant^^).

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I think I sorted out the KAS issue, the unity engine is a bit beyond my knowledge, I should look in game data and try to find unityengine stuff in there somewhere?


Here is another link to my game data


I went in to the game -> tracking station -> a few satellites (had no issue) I then went back in to the main screen and used Bon Voyage to switch back and forth to a WBI Buffalo rover and thats when it all went wrong :(


You  know I love you right? :D

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18 minutes ago, Lord_inter said:

I should look in game data and try to find unityengine stuff in there somewhere?

I'm actually dump, forgot that the file path can be found in the log -.-

Here are your bad .dlls:

C:\Users\xxxx\Desktop\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\000_AT_Utils\Plugins\UnityEngine.dll
C:\Users\xxxx\Desktop\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\000_AT_Utils\Plugins\UnityEngine.UI.dll

(I guess you know your username^^)

Since there is something really weird going on, I would suggest to reinstall AT_Utils. Delete the "000_AT_Utils" folder and download the latest version from github: https://github.com/allista/AT_Utils/releases
(it is bundled with "ConfigurableContainers", be sure just to copy the new "000_AT_Utils" folder).

I have honestly no idea how the UnityEngine.dll ended in this mod folder, it is not there in the version I found on github but after looking into your new log, I have the gut feeling that this will fix your issue ;)

43 minutes ago, Lord_inter said:

You  know I love you right? :D

Please wait with your proposal until the issue is fixed :D

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I am awfully sorry but it is still being a pain in the cheeks, new output log


I deleted the old 000_AT_Utils file and installed the new one


Does precise manoeuvre node have anything to do with the buttons because I believe that is the most incompatible mod i have?


Your effort alone is worthy of my admiration!

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Ok, I'm a bit puzzled now. Well, I don't have any direct clues anymore.

I guess it is this exception:

Exception handling event onPlanetariumTargetChange in class KnowledgeBase:System.NullReferenceException: 
  at (wrapper managed-to-native) UnityEngine.Component:get_gameObject ()
  at KSP.UI.UIList`1[KSP.UI.UIListItem].Clear (Boolean destroyElements) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 
  at KSP.UI.UIList.Clear (Boolean destroyElements) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 
  at KSP.UI.Screens.KbApp_PlanetInfo.ActivateApp (.MapObject target) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 
  at KSP.UI.Screens.KnowledgeBase.ActivateApps (KbTargetType targetType, .MapObject target) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 
  at KSP.UI.Screens.KnowledgeBase.OnMapFocusChange (.MapObject target) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 
  at EventData`1[MapObject].Fire (.MapObject data) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 

because the "KnowledgeBase" class has a property for the "ApplicationLauncherButton" but the issue appears the first time after initializing TextureReplacer, the next time after Buffalo so there is no pattern.

I even tried to replicate the issue by installing all the mods you got but without any results. It just works fine for me. It can be basically every mod now (or I'm missing something in your log) so the last thing to do would be the "50/50" method. Remove half of the mods until the issue disappears, then starts adding back mods until the issue appears again. By following this strategy, you will slowly figure out, which mod is the culprit of your problem.
Reinstalling everything (game and mods) might be an option as well, for various reasons. Originally you've posted a log from 1.3.1 so obviously, you updated at least one time since 1.3.1 without going through a clean reinstall. Wouldn't be the first time I came across an issue caused by an unclean update progress (not your fault though ;) ).  Also, like I said, I cannot replicate the issue so yeah...if anything else fails, reinstalling is always an option. Of course, you should create a backup of your savegame first and maybe write down some notes on the mods you've installed (or even create a backup of them as well.)

Well, I'll also ask LGG about this issue in his stream tonight, maybe he got a better solution :)

I'm really sorry that I cannot provide a simple solution for you :/


edit: Ok, had a little chat with LGG about the issue and unfortunately, he doesn't know a solution but he mentioned, that it might be a corrupted save file. Should be easy to test by creating a new game and see if the icons keep duplicating. If not, it's unfortunately your savegame but if you are lucky, you can load an older quicksave without loosing much of your progress.

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