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Shuttle-launched Space Station

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After many failed attempts, I finally managed to build a functional 'replica' of the Space Shuttle. Turns out the trick is to get a forward CoM, which I did by clipping two full ore tanks into the cockpit. The monopropellant tank at the rear of the orbiter is empty, it's just there as a lightweight structural piece and because it looks cool. The shuttle, which I named Echo V, just about manages to launch 4 Kerbals and a full Rockomax Jumbo-64 tank (formerly the orange tank, but there are multiple orange tanks now...) into a 100 km orbit. To make for more interesting viewing, I decided to test it by launching all components for a space station into a 125 km orbit.

I could upload the craft file if anyone's interested, but I imagine there are plenty of better shuttles out there. I'm mainly just happy that my many attempts over the past few years have finally paid off. :)



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