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Intake air unused.

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I have these mods on KSP 1.7.0...


I already tried removing a few and will test later.


Using any airbreathing engine the "intake air" is unused and sits in the intake itself where the intake air bar is filled up.
This shouldn't happen as the intake air should be used. On top of that, the engine will work initially but then fails. The more intakes per each engine the longer it runs from spool up. It seems it knows the intake air is there, it then seems to use the amount of intake air the combined air intakes can provide but then fails due to intake air starvation after that amount is used.
The rest of the intake air then sits in the intakes themselves. It's like the game fails to make the engine interact with the intake and some code tells there's a amount of intake air provided from launch but then fails to re-supply from the intake itself after that amount is used up.

Opening/closing the intakes doesn't help.
I'm pretty sure I want to keep most of all the mods, perhaps any of you is the wiser which combination of mods is messing things up.

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36 minutes ago, JadeOfMaar said:

@Aeroboi I've seen two similar complaints in the Mk2 Expansion thread. KSPI (WarpPlugin folder) was singled out.

It's the WarpPlugin Folder.

Luckily there was a cfg fix posted in the KSPIE thread so I can still use the WarpPlugin. Apparently it's a side fix, better óne then none :)

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