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Ps4 trophy related question "visit"


I just arrived in the jool system and popped a few flyby trophies. Now I've read mixed details about the visit trophies in this system. PlayStationtrophies.org states this There's a much easier way to achieve the Visit trophies - you DO NOT NEED TO LAND on the planets, you don't even need to orbit them. You just need to fly by them (encounter/departure), and return to Kerbin.

And other forums states you have to land and return. Which I know jool is unlandable.

This brings me to the question, which planets in the jool system do I have to land on and return to kerbin. And which planets is a flyby and return only necessary? 

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There are two different trophies for every celestial body. The last I knew (I think it was the version before the one you have now??) you don't have to land on any of them to get the first two trophies. For the first trophy, all you need to do is enter the SOI of the body and then leave the SOI again. That's the flyby trophy.

The other trophy is the "Visit" trophy. For that one, you need to get into orbit, and then return to Kerbin. But you do not need to land.

There are a couple other special trophies -- for example, I think there is one for actually landing on Moho and then returning to Kerbin.

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