Munarmunar's Missions, Rockets and Photos!

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Hullo boys!

Since i'm new to the forum i might be incorrect with some things but that's why we we improve as humans.

This topic is for showing all (modded or stock) rockets that i make in the game and i like to share using screenshots. Hope you like them!

Let's start with the Space Shuttle!

The Space Shuttle program is one of my favourites NASA programs ever, it combines rocketry and crew transport up to another level, also allowing cargo to the ISS or docking to the de-orbited Mir station made by the Soviet Union/Russia.

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This time i have a set of photos of an antimatter powered station i've been testing!

mjpRbvy.pngThe Antimatter Propulsion Module, or as i like to call it (technically) the X-22 Antimatter Assembly.This was the first module of the station ( i will say the name later don't ya worry :D )

It's basically made of an antimatter engine powered by antimatter and LH2.

It can give a station a lot of functionality allowing it to go to another planets, stay there, come back and repeat!

9YLH5HW.pngThis is the station fully assembled, the crew module is the most important one has it holds the function to keep the crew and dock other craft, as this shuttle you see right here.

The station will eventually cross Kerbin's SOI to enable the KSC to send cargo or return Kerbonauts.

bF0QMwg.pngThe Kerbol-II High Elliptical Orbit Crew Headquarters it's ready for it's trip!!

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