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Contingency Colony Ship Challenge [COLLAB](HIGHLY EXPERIMENTAL)

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On the Year 50 Day 625, The United Kerbal government held an all important conference in the Kapitol. There, it was finally decided that the only way for the Kerbalkind to be ensured survival as a species was to launch a full on expanse project, that will go on beyond the Kerbol system. This decision was received very positively among the public (Possibly due to Kerbals' natural love for space and exploration of it) with many big companies volunteering to contribute to the expanse, thus giving birth to the Contingency Coalition, also known as Project Coalition. There, the factions collaborate with one another in order to build the first few MEGASHIPS, that are to set off with their colonists and deliver them to their new home away from home. You are a CEO of one of the big factions in the coalition.



Players must collaborate with one another in order to construct a massive colony ship with enough space and fuel to colonize another world.

Each ship may be built solo or with a maximum of 3 people (see rules)

The ships must be built by sharing the craft files and sub-assemblies with each other. 

Ships must be given a name and one of the builders then must head off into the void and get into orbit of their destination in order to complete the challenge.

The Ships may be launched from Kerbin and assembled from orbit, or constructed in orbit using Extraplanetary Launchpads.

The most ambitious successful mission wins.





- No cheats

- There must be at least 2 people working on one ship

          1 people = GenShip minimal crew of 25, CryoShip minimal crew of 20

          2 people = GenShip minimal crew of 50, CryoShip minimal crew of 35

          3 people = GenShip minimal crew of 60, CryoShip minimal crew of 45

- Acculbierre drives are not allowed

- If the ship is not Generation Ship, there must be cryo pods (Stock ships are always generation ships)

- Generation ship must be able to house min 50 kerbals, Cyro ship must have min 25 kerbals

-  Being mean and/or too competitive automatically excludes you from challenge





Each ship must be either a Cryo ship or a Generation Ship

Each interplanetary vessel must have these parts:

- Micro-asteroid shield

- Habitation module

- Comms Array

- Propulsion System

- A way to produce EC

- Some way of planetfall

Cryo Ship must also have:

additional Deep Freeze chambers that can house all the crew.

Generation Ship must also have:

at least 1.5x the minimal seat requirement.



Related imageAfyGhxa.pngYoPEaNU.png

Image result for colony ship concept artRelated image






     -Duna, Ike & Eve (7)



     -Another star system(25)

Realism: max 20 points


On board base or means of constructing one (8)

life quality:

   Gen ship: the more space there is for kerbals the better. (will be judged with seats/kerbal) (15)

   Cryo ship: must have an emergency reactor (15)

Scale of build:

1 point for every kerbal saved.


Mods used(-5)


(These criteria are to be altered if need be)



Recommended mods for the challenge (Stock is fine):

This challenge is highly experimental and I would appreciate any feedback given.


     NAME: CCS "Noah"


     TYPE: Cryo ship

     DEVELOPERS: @KerbalKore


     DESTINATION: Nara (planet 9 of JNSQ system overhaul)

     MODS: restock, restock+, EPL, KSPIE, BDB, Tantares, and all Nertea's stuff.

     PROGRESS: Planning stage

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made the challenge easier
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57 minutes ago, KerbalKore said:

would playing in a scaled up system get more points? 

If it is something like RSS, yes

3 minutes ago, Kerbolitto said:

Is it possible to build multiple ships to get to different destinations ?


Only if you are part of different teams at once

Can I say that you two will be working together? if so, please tell me the following:

Are you going to be playing modded ksp? Which type of ship are you making? What would be it's name?

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