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Most Entertaining Loading Screen Ever

W.W. Cass Jr.

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Hey Guys,

It occurred to me as I was running the Go For Orbit tutorial that there isn't much about KSP that isn't entertaining and that includes the loading screen. When you think of game loading screens, the word "entertaining" doesn't often enter the picture but in this case, some of the terms are downright hilarious in my opinion. Granted, I've had to ponder some of the things being mentioned but overall, I've chuckled at most of it.


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8 hours ago, Jon Tash said:

Yep I enjoy reading the loading quotes and watching the different images appear when loading my game for 10 minutes. Never gets old !

They've changed somewhat over time.  And I miss the ones in the immediate post-1.0 period that thanked numerous modders/experimental folks who were pillars of the community.

One of those mentioned back then was @sarbian whom all know.  Somewhat before then, he himself once snuck in the Nyan Cat repeatedly trailing rainbows across the loading bar and "witty loading hints" as part of an MJ or MM update, I forget which.  But anyway, not being in on the joke, I and quite a few others thought we'd been virused and were quite concerned for a while, until we learned the cause and how to disable it in an MM patch :sticktongue:


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Yes, IMHO KSP aces this aspect. In addition to being entertaining KSP also gives me the impression of actually doing something in the background, and not just wasting my time by displaying *bleep*ing advertisements.

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