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Is it just me or is the new outpost science equipment broken?


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I have the first three new outpost modules deployed on both the Mun and Minmus, but they do not appear to be working.  Either I am doing something wrong or Squad's implementation of this new functionality was never tested:


Either way, this content update was a failure of QA or usability.  Based on the readouts for that image, the equipment isn't functionality, but there's no indication of why.

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the content that is being added, but the execution of this was extremely sloppy.

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Moving to Breaking Ground Support.

1 hour ago, Caelib said:

Either I am doing something wrong or Squad's implementation of this new functionality was never tested:

I suspect it's the former, need more info to be sure.  Here's the deal:

So... if I'm reading this correctly, you have:

  • a central control station (requires 1 power unit)
  • a goo experiment (requires 1 power unit)
  • a solar panel (produces only 1 power unit, if deployed by a non-engineer)

So, if you have a non-engineer deploying the solar panel, that means this setup would require 2 power units but produce only 1, and therefore be non-functional. The solution would be to either deploy two solar panels, or else use an engineer to deploy one panel.

(Did you in fact deploy the solar panel with a non-engineer?  If that's the case, I suspect this is what's going on.  If you did deploy it with an engineer, then perhaps something else may be going on, in which case it would be useful to see what the status displays say for the other components besides just the goo shown in the screenshot.)


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I deployed everything using a scientist, I will give it a shot using an engineer, thanks!

EDIT: that was it.  The part descriptions/stats need some tweaking to illustrate this concept more clearly.

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