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Deep Space Exploration

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after we got RemoteTech, InfernalRobotics, PreciseManousers, Kerbal Engeneer, etc as vanilla what i think its nice, i suggest:


ScanSat: some dishes sensors scanners to identify biomes altitutes anomalies, so that we can find the new cool breaking ground stuff with our sats and probes via kerbnet.


TransferWindow || Alarm Clock: the last missing HUD help thats missing is a transfer window calculator so to find the sweat spot to fly to duna, i think a timer will be the best choice, to you can fly to duna in 241days and the window stays open for 3 days, like that. maybe require astronout complex lvl 2 and research center lvl 2 to unlock



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ScanSat is already in the stock game in the form of KerbNet. It isn't exactly the same, but you can use it to observe topographical features and hunt for anomalies just like scan sat. All you need is a comm connection and a probe core on your craft and you have access to KerbNet.

I think a transfer window/alarm clock would be an excellent addition to the stock game and potentially encourage more players to venture to other planets.

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