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Build an animal (or plant). That is all.  No restrictions.


This is part challenge, part craft repository, part history. In fact, I was not sure whether to make this a challenge or just put it on the craft page.

With the DLC, animals are showing up.  So, I thought it would be nice to gather them in one place.  Also, several talented builders like @klond have done this pre DLC. His shark inspired this challenge.


So, build an animal, or if you have already, post it here.  Feel free to tag anyone you know who has built one already. 


Oh, and if it walks or crawls (as opposed to swims or flies) please enter it in @Kergarin's walker challenge (which also includes non-animals).



@klond, @KerrMü, @Torn4dO, @sturmhauke (I saw your dog in development)

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Just now, sturmhauke said:

I haven't worked on it in a bit. So far it's good at lying down, standing, stumbling around, falling over, and exploding.

Sounds like a dog to me--except maybe for the last bit...

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Thanks to @Dark Lion for reminding me.

This is some variety of Pterosaur, possibly Quetzalcoatlus Northropi. I'll animate the head eventually.

I call him Deranged Murder Turkey.




EDIT: I also have the BioFalcon (VTOL capable)



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A sunflower part.

No Breaking Ground required, just solar panel functionality + 3d model of sunflower.
The stem is for attachment, the flower always follows the Sun, like any other solar panel.

Unlike the solar panels, generates not ElectricCharge, but SunflowerOil.

So, with a field of sunflowers you can collect it as biofuel and food.

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On 6/20/2019 at 1:15 PM, Torn4dO said:

I haven't played KSP in some time so nothing new, but I made these ants a few weeks ago.

They all walk very stable although veryyyy slow, about 1m/s.




a single one is beautiful but when i see them in hordes i get the heebie jeebies

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Have any of you seen my Duckie?
Been really worried about her, since spotting this critter at the desert airfield. Not sure what it is, but it seemed peaceful enough. We let it go (about 6m/s after a 3min build-up. :rolleyes:)


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I guess this counts?



No robotics, though, since I built this long before Breaking Ground came out. I suppose it might be technically possible to rebuild this thing as an ornithopter, but I'll leave that as a challenge to better builders than me. Making this fly as a jet plane was hard enough. :) 

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