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should they and if so what should be the 2020 DLC


What should be the 2020 DLC  

90 members have voted

  1. 1. What should it be? (NOTE options were from other suggestions posts and random ideas no matter how stupid)

    • Interplanetary bases module overhaul
    • IVA experiments (interacting with stuff inside a module)
    • Orbital long term science (Space stations becoming good for something)
    • Science overehaul
    • other countries and space races
  2. 2. should another dlc be made

    • Yes
    • No
    • I feel like they are going to anyway

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18 hours ago, WeirdCulture said:

holy kraken... your resurrected a five year old post from me? 

I googled "ksp building costs difficulty 2013" or something to that effect. Yours was the first to come up. 

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  • 8 months later...

I feel the best DLC would be outer planets and things to explore them e.g. Nuclear reactors, super powerful antennas, better ion drives and nuclear engines, life support(you could just cryogenically freeze your kerbals for the trip this would be a new part unlocked early in the tech tree)(can be disabled), each capsule can support the amount of kerbals it carries for 100 days so a Mk 1-3 pod with 1 kerbal can support that kerbal for 300 days, the hitchhiker module can support 4 kerbals for 400 days one kerbal for 1600 days, supply modules could extend this depending on size: radial 100 days/3 kerbals, small inline 200 days/3 kerbals, medium(1.825m, only with making history) 3 kerbals for 300 days,  large supports 3 kerbals for 500 days. this is what i think should be in the next dlc, also new science experiments to use at these destinations making the trip more worth it and also this would just help builders as this would finally allow them to not rely on tweakscale for large builds.

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