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Is KRPC Getting Updated For 1.7?


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It's kind of essential if I want my Navball project to keep on progressing you see. I've just been busy working on the new design and build of the hardware and then get the data pulled of the game and passed to the Navball CPU  when I have it working properly... but I don't really want to end up with an paperweight that just looks good.

The good news is my last prototype worked... It just wasn't fast enough for me and could lag out if I got into a spin. I'm actually going ahead and building my own custom servos this year and want to see if that fixes the speed and overheating issues (oh yeah, forgot to mention the overheating).

This project IS doable... It's just that the goalposts keep moving lol. I can't believe I started this in 2013... but I did take a year off in 2018...

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I was just checking to see if it was working as the version I was testing on was KSP 1.3.1  hehe.... it's just a stripped down KSP just used to test hardware/software communication... I went to upgrade to the latest version of KRPC and was worried when I didn't see an update since 1.4 and panicked a bit. I do want to have the thing working after all the money, research and time I've spent on the project.

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