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Breaking Ground - Tylo Explorer/Lander/Rover


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Presenting: The Tylo Explorer! Includes Orbiter (with return capability), Lander, and Rover.


Does require Simple Fuel Switch.



Launch to LKO with 1st stage and boosters. Then transfer to Jool with 2nd stage. Enter orbit of Jool with 3rd stage. Hohmann to Tylo. Enter low orbit (I suggest 30KM). Separate lander, carefully thrust all the way down until touch down. Hit hotkeys 9 & 0 to deploy Rover's rollover protectors. Activate the Monoprop thruster and separate from lander. Carefully set down on Tylo! Hit 8 and G to deploy the wheels.

Includes all science tools except Materials pod (I suggest using this mod: )

Also I recommend using Engineer and Mechjeb for landing.




Pictures will be coming.UH7FN7S.jpg






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