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[1.7.3] Tekcate [0.6]


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Hello! This is Tekcate, a small, simple planet pack that adds three new bodies to the Kerbol System. Keep in mind that this is the first mod I have ever created, so it does have flaws. Kopernicus is necessary for this mod to function. This mod also features full Science Definitions. I would greatly appreciate hearing your feedback!

Thanks to KottabosGames for the review.

New Worlds

Tekcate- An oversized asteroid (or undersized dwarf planet?) orbiting Kerbol between Kerbin and Duna on a moderately eccentric, slightly inclined orbit. It is the size of Minmus at 60 kilometers in radius, and is a dark gray ball of rock and ice.

  • Tekili- Tekcate's primary natural satellite, orbiting quite to its parent. It is a tiny, smooth, and pink moon even smaller than Gilly. Tekili is roughly an eighth the size of Tekcate at 7 kilometers in radius.
  • Tekova- The second, smaller moon of Tekcate, only half the size of Tekili. It orbits much further from its parent on an inclined, elliptical than Tekili and can be called a miniature version of Minmus.

Installation Instructions
Simply extract the entirely of the .zip file, and insert the "Tekit" folder into KSP's GameData folder.



Version 0.5 (30 July 2019):

  • Fixed the "a Tekcate" issue.

Version 0.5 (10 July 2019):

  • Added a new moon of Tekcate, Tekova.

Version 0.4 (03 July 2019):

  • Four new biomes on Tekcate
  • Decreased gravity for Tekili
  • A few new science definition
  • Fixed a glitch where AGL altitude would be incorrect
  • Added terrain scatter to Tekcate

Version 0.3 (29 June 2019):

  • Mod released

Thanks to Gameslinx for helping me with terrain scatter.

Download Here   License is MIT

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32 minutes ago, hieywiey said:

Looks interesting. Mind if you provide some more pictures? From the pic in the OP it looks as if Tekili is a featureless pinkish-purple sphere.




On Tekcate's large Mare.


Bob on EVA after returning to orbit.


Tekili rises over the Tekcatian horizon.


High over Tekili.


Valentina jumps on Tekili.


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13 minutes ago, JacobJHC said:

This mod will be making its way into my install. Looks good!

Great to hear that you like it!

8 minutes ago, Shawn Kerman said:

every planet pack is in my install XD

You must have a liquid nitrogen cooling system on your computer wow


2 minutes ago, GRS said:

I wish ur making Something with Gees lower than Gee-lly

Tekili has less gravity than Gilly, and so will the other moon (which I have decided to call Tekova).

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