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Threads of the Month: July 2019

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The KSP Moderation Team is proud to present

Threads of the Month Awards, for July 2019!


We have an embarrassment of riches this month as the new updates and expansions are bringing out the excitement and creativity of our forum members. There's so much good stuff that we're holding some of the nominations over for next month so that all the selections get a turn in the spotlight. 

The first winner this month is @Brikoleur with his very informative and well written helicopter tutorial.

@ManEatingApe and the contributors to this thread are flinging kerbals for fun and science.

Next up is @HippieGold with a Kraken rousing examination of the KSP physics involved in building a space elevator.

If you've ever wondered how high a robotic frog can jump on Gilly, @Klapaucius has got you covered.

@benjee10 is working on an impressive Shuttle parts pack that surely will become a mandatory mod for STS enthusiasts.

Finally we would like to give a special thanks to @VITAS who has built and maintained the SpaceDock mod hosting website for many years. Your work in service of the community is much appreciated.

Congratulations to all for your wonderful contributions and please remember to report a thread (add the comment 'totm') or PM a moderator if you feel it is worthy of thread of the month. Special thanks go to @woeller@4x4cheesecake @Nigel J. Cardozo and @fourfa for your nominations.

All winners are free to add the Thread of the Month badge (created by our very own @adsii1970) to their posts, signatures or have it painted on their lounge room wall, provided they own the residence outright and use non volatile organic compound paints.

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23 minutes ago, Nigel J. Cardozo said:

Congrats everyone!!!

@James Kerman how to you nominate a thread?

The easiest way is to click the Report post button on the OP of the topic you want to nominate, and write that you wish to nominate it for Thread of the Month.

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6 hours ago, Val said:

The easiest way is to click the Report post button on the OP of the topic you want to nominate, and write that you wish to nominate it for Thread of the Month.


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First of all congratulations to all threads.
Without a caring and active community KSP wouldn't still be as enjoyable as it is.
I constantly find new ideas on how to explode my builds and there's always someone around to help out if i have a question (be it KSP, since or technical).
The understanding nature of the community is best shown when i (again) manage to crash SpaceDock and instead of angry messages get calming words and patience.
So in essence this community made up of those who share their knowledge and work in all areas is regularly my prime example when people don't believe that there are nice environments on the internet left.
Thank you.


I took the opportunity to feature @benjee10 s Mod on SpaceDock.

Edited by VITAS
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