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Having trouble finding a mod

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Hey, I apologize in advance if this is the wrong forum to make such a thread. But I don't really know where else I am supposed to go to, so here I am.

There's an old UI mod I'd very much like to toy with again, but sadly, I've forgotten what it was called. And no amount of Googling could help me find it again - all I found was a screenshot featuring a mod that seems to resemble the one I'm looking for, but the person who posted the screenshot never said what mod it is:


Now, I'm still not sure if that screenshot is showing the exact mod I'm looking for - because, while it shows the exact kind of UI bar in the lower half of the screen featuring the space program's flag, and text to the right of the flag, the mod operated more like news headlines, and it was meant to be used in AARs to simulate news coverage of spaceflights. It even had the option to have the game be in sepia, black & white and CRT to simulate the transition of time instories, which is the feature I found to be the most appealing of it all. It's a darn shame I can't find the mod anywhere, I really wanted to toy with it.

Does anyone know what the mod's called? I'd really appreciate any help, and once again, I apologize if I wasn't supposed to post this here.

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Posted (edited)

When you asked this question, I remembered seeing the mod you were looking for (or something similar) on SpaceDock but couldn't find it anymore no matter which keywords I tried.

Today I came across it again by chance (and then had to find *this* thread again), so I'm just leaving this here: I think you're looking for "Historian". See this screenshot:




I never used it myself so I don't know if it has any of the TV filters you mentioned. Those I only knew from the HullCam mod.

Edit: reading the Historian thread, I came across "MovieTime - Olde Timey Movie and TV Effects" which might be the right one but it looks pretty dead, I'm afraid.

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Yup! Historian is the one! :)

Some of the old-timey effects could easily be achieved with KS3P -- a fantastic post-effects engine, now with in-game tweaking.

Here's Historian's link -- it says 1.3.1 but it's working great in 1.7.3 for me:


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Historian is great, I have it show the date and vehicle name, makes it easy to go back and remember the flight with those cues. For some reason I take lots of screenshots in KSP, this is helpful.

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