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Mod to transmit data as charge allows?

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so, when using mods like dmagic orbital science, you quickly get vast sums of data for a single experiment. If you want to transmit these experiments all in one go, you end up putting almost 1 ton of batteries that serve no other purpose than to feed the antenna for certain transmissions.


I would like to be able to transmit over a longer period of time, as my EC generation allows. Now, I know that I can turn on 'allow partial tranmissions' on the antenna, but that leads to significant data loss. A fix for this could do one of 3 things:


  1. transmit data as available, not draining the batteries below a certain (tweakable?) percentage.
  2. have a 'transmission limiter' slider on the part action menu, allowing us to manually controll the speed between packets, similar to an engines thrust limiter option.
  3. simply remove the science penalty for partial tranmissions. This would be less than ideal, as one could not reliably controll a probe during a long tranmission due to constantly running out of electricity.

I am comfortable with ksps cfg system and modulemanager, but have never touched ksp .ddl modding, nor really any sort of coding beyond bash/python scripting and automation. If no one else wants to give it a shot, could someone point me in the right direction for getting a linux toolchain set up and where to find documentation for ksp-spesific calls?


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I can't speak to the linux toolchain but the only documentation I know of is on either the Kerbal Space Program Documentation page where all the API are exposed with a little (read tiny) bit of documentation, or the source code that modder's release with their mods. I've found the source code is the best bet if you can find a mod that does something similar - and with all the mods out there, there's a decent chance you can find something.

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