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Why are the output units for the rotors "kilonewtons"? Rotors produce torque, shouldn't the unit be kNm or Nm instead? If it's given in kN, what is the moment arm? 1m? If it's 1m, why are the rotors so weak, 75kNm directly on output shaft is a lot, the rotors shouldn't just stop due to rotor blade drag.
EDIT: I've just realized those are kNm indeed. How come they come to a halt so easily despite having such a high torque?

EDIT2: I think I realize what's happening now. After modding a rotor to have 10 times higher torque I realized that it didn't change the max RPM at all. What seems to be happening is that the RPM limit does not actually limit RPM - it limits torque using some weird linear function that does not account for the actual rotor RPM. It doesn't account for loading of the rotor, it just limits the torque to pre-calculated values. If there's literally anything attached to it it will never even reach the max value.

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