Engine shroud appearing on part icon

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I'm slowly teaching myself this, but I can't seem to find an answer here.

Yesterday I made an engine.  My texturing is... slightly improving, but I did manage to get the gimbal working correctly.  And I got the shroud working correctly.

The problem is that the shroud is showing up as part of the icon in the parts list.  It doesn't show up when I place the part, though, until I put something on the bottom node, as usual.



(Yes I know I forgot to smooth the shroud).


What do I need to do to prevent the shroud from displaying on the parts list?  I borrowed the config from the mainsail, so I'm assuming this needs to be done in Unity or Blender.

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You need to set the Icon_Hidden tag (I think that's the name) on the shroud in Unity. I'm working through some examples on parts as I figure out how to make them - include Blender and Unity projects with some notes here. I've tried to include tripping points and items to note. If you do look at any of these and see something that's not clear or that I've missed feedback is welcome.

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