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I've made a quadcopter and found I cannot control it. If I attach rotors to yaw/pitch/roll and thrust I am able control thrust but yaw/pitch/roll override each other so only one is effective. Thrust works because it's incremental while yaw/pitch/roll are absolute. At first I wanted do demand multiple overlapping controls to work additively (and they should) but then I realized that won't be enough. The collective throttle must lift the craft while axes control should only modify torque to control its movement and may work much weaker. So the torque for single engine could be calculated by a formula T=(1 - 3k)t + ky + kp +kr, where T is torque, t is throttle, and y, p, r are yaw pitch and roll, respectively. k is axes to throttle coefficient, let it be 0.1, for example. Now, this cannot be done.

So I think the formula controller should be available for our creations.

Of course this will be usable not only in quadcopters. Why not control ailerons in function od speed? In supersonic flight they are too strong while in low speed maneuvering they could work stronger. We could  also describe by formulas hinges' movements as a function of time or the controller's value (then a controller's path could be a variable, not necessarily bound to a part).

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