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Kerbal Space Program 1.7.3 is live!

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Just now, T1mo98 said:

I'd say mods, because I think the resources of a DLC could be better spend on other features first, like life-support, more complete part families, more planets and exploration, otherwise it's going to have to be a DLC way down the road in which case a mod would be faster. 

But definitely, console needs to get more support, that's probably where most of the really young audience is, judging from my own experience.

Yeah ... I do support the idea of weather, life-support and all the other things. I've wanted them for years as well.

For the krakentech ... I'll have patience. But I do hope a seed is planted in the mind of the devs.

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Please take the pro/con discussions of proposed features to the Suggestions & Development sub. This thread is about what's already in the game, specifically with regard to 1.7.3. 

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On 7/10/2019 at 9:43 PM, UomoCapra said:

We’ve fixed nearly 40 bugs for this patch

Forty bugs and a working input stack ain't one of them. How bloody long does it take for you to fix your regressions? You see the free input code the community has developed, right?
Modders can fix your mess, why can't you? Not impressed. Not at all.  :mad:

See those 25 upvotes on the tracker? Think some people might want a fix, or an update? Some comment on the state of work or an expected timeframe? Anything at all fresher than 11 months?
So you tell us to vote on bug priority, then you don't bother updating, or likely even looking at, bug reports. :confused: What the hell is the point?

It's been over a year since joysticks worked on GNU/Linux, and support for my OS was the sole reason I even considered buying the game in the first place.
I give up, you guys are utterly useless. I'm never buying one of your products again, nor any current or future DLC.
Fix your game-engine already, and if you want my custom, stop screwing Linux users. The same goes for console and Mac by the way, we're all paying customers.

I'm out of here, wake me when the game works properly.

Edited by steve_v
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1 hour ago, wolfpack519 said:

Did the cheat panel get disabled? I press alt+f12 and get nothing.

Try Ctrl-Alt-F12 or Shift-Alt-F12, sometimes some Nvidea software hijacks Alt-F12 for it's sole use. 

If this doesn't work, Ping me (type @ and my name) and we'll move this over to it's own tech support thread, the debug/cheat menu works in the current version. 

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