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KTP-615 Raven



If my mind wasn't already flooded with ideas, when the original BG parts came out, it is now with the new propeller and helicopter engines, as personally i've always preferred the look and sound propeller planes over modern jets.

So, you can probably guess i was pretty darn exited to give ago at creating a proper all stock propeller driven aircraft. And what better choice than one of my top 3 favorite custom builds of all time, the Raven, my fictional protected-cargo-plane concept.


The idea for this type of aircraft began when i was looking at some picks of the Bristol Bombay...



...And the Handley Page Sparrow...



...and decided i wanted to create something in that style. I wanted to make the aircraft truly custom by giving it a more unique function. Instead of having it be just another transport plane ready to be shot to bit's, why not give it RAF heavy-bomber style defensive armament's to help stay alive a little longer, i mean...why not.


The new version has a lot of the design features of the older version, as i wanted to basically just create a cleaner version of the original with better detailing. The only real difference is the fact that for this version, i took my favorite features from the original and Monty Kerman's personal transport. The underbelly gondola for instance is a feature that was in the original, but not in Monty Kermans transport, instead it was replaced with a Lancaster style radar-pod in the underbelly. The Lancaster MG-turrets where in Monty Kerman's transport and not in the original, instead it had an earlier style "pointy" twin MG-turret at the top, and a "gun-tunnel" under the tail with a singular MG in it.

So, like Monty Kerman's transport, this would also be in a KW2 configuration.

The thing i most wanted to "remaster" was the cockpit. I wanted the color and shape to be a little more unified and smooth, and windows that look a little more natural/fitting.

The top-turret has also changed as the old all grey one just felt a little off, the shape of all lifting surfaces look a little better, the engines have better detail, and the overall color/paint-job of the aircraft is much better overall.


More pick of the aircraft












Unfortunately, while the looks have improved, the same can't be said for the flight characteristics.

The aircraft does still control pretty much the same, but the engines are under-powered for an aircraft of this size (hence why it has two jet-engines fitted in the under-wing racks), and the propeller engines don't produce the same drag, so the stopping distance is quite a bit bigger. Also, takeoff only happens when the runway ends as the angle at witch the aircraft sits on the runway is quite low.

So, unlike last time, this version can't land on the island runway...unless maby you put the engines on reverse thrust.

Basically you need to prepare yourself for some slow low altitude flying where you need to keep your hands on control at all times, as for some reason the aircraft's nose dips down constantly, even with SAS on.

I could have probably gotten more thrust if i had put like 6-bladed propellers instead, but i to wanted to make the engines/propellers look more period correct.

Then again, i feel like that makes the plane even more authentic, as planes like the Bristol Bombay aren't very speedy (309 km/h).


Technical specs:

Top speed: 100-110 m/s. (speed may vary between version).

Stall speed: 33 m/s.

Armaments: 7x dummy MG's in 3 turrets

Length: 36.5m

Wingspan: 44.8m

Height: 13.6m

Mass: 110 tons

Parts: 556

Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tglui05wq77es1o/KTP- 615 Raven.craft?dl=0


For comparison









Technical specs: (KAX version)

Top speed: 78 m/s. (speed may vary between version).

Stall speed: 30 m/s.

Armaments: 3x 50.cal turret, 2x 30mm chaingun.

Length: 40.2m

Wingspan: 43.8m

Height: 12.2m

Mass: 121 tons

Parts: 654

It should have plenty of fuel to compensate the slow speed so you can get pretty far :).

Takeoff distance is pretty big because of the relatively low angle in witch it sits on the runway :/.


Action Groups:

Action group 1 is for the landing flaps.


Mods used: BD-armory on all versions and KAX, Airplane Plus or SXT depending on the version.


And there it is for you once again, my idea of a proper cargo-plane. I hope you enjoy it :).

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