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Towards the end of last year, I decided to take up planet modding and started building. Eventually, this came out -

The SyeWertz system -



This simple mod adds 2 bodies - Sye, a large rocky, vacuum world, and Wertz, its companion moon. Sye is located between Eve and Moho, at a distance of about 7.7 Gigameters from the Sun.




Sye from Wertz  (A representational image - NOT TO SCALE)


Sye from Orbit


Sye's terrain.


Verts from Orbit


SyeWertz from orbit


Wertz terrain.


Sye's terrain.


A kerbal on Wertz, with Sye in the background.


Features -

Adds 2 bodies in orbit around Kerbol!
Fully functioning Biome and Science Defs!
Cursed Images!


Now, SyeWerts was a result of me mucking around with ideas one afternoon, while working on my main planet pack. I made it, and was pleased by their appearances and left it at that. But after a while, I realised while the concept and execution is sound, it didn't fit well in the planet pack as a whole, so I decided that moving it into a separate pack would be for the best. So I hunkered down to work and got the biomes and science defs and whatnot, up and running in two days and put it out for release. 

This is just garbage why are you here

Future stuff (Soontm)

  • Compatibility with other stuff
  • HazardousPlanet
  • Visuals (What visuals would this have?)

Download from Spacedock!

Dependencies - Kopernicus and its Dependecies

License - Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International Public License

If you find any bugs or issues, please notify me - I'll try to fix it as soon as possible.

i hope you enjoy my cursed handiwork

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I did Somthing like this once, People told me to never do it again XD also give it doe and planetshine visuals

and going with the theme add a moon that has  bio-hazard symbol on it

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@Xurkitree, i was thinking about Orbin's Yellow Gradient before realizing that it made Orbin looks "Radioactive", maybe you can try putting a Yellow Gradient to make it look Radioactive, don't forget to add an Atmo if you'll do it, but still, it's just a Wild Suggestion, maybe a bit too Wild.

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