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[1.7.X] TITAYTHE-35

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This is a very simple Mod using Kopernicus to re-shuffle the Kerbol System to increase its variety. Creating the major missing features from our real solar system modelled with the vanilla planets in a more Kerbal and polished way.
It's literally just a .cfg file and a small .png graphic for rings. The Visuals shown have SPECTRA, DOE & scatterer enabled.

TITAYTHE = Titan (Saturns Moon) + Laythe (Jools Moon) =^= solarfication of stock Planets


The Goal: I wanted to include some challenges from the real solar system in ksp. I also wanted close to vanilla, but more real-'feelin' rockets. And it all should look beautiful out of the box. As well as work with all the features of the base game.
So I created this for my own new career and thought I might share it as well.
NO NEW PLANETS have been added. But a lot of new flavor, see below.




  • Upscaled the whole System by a factor of 3.5                                                                                                 slightly above the 3.2 standard for more difficulty, while on the borderline of still having planets with actual topography.
  • Moved the KSC to a southern coast, close to Mountains. Desert and Woomerang are unaffected.      Tip: Use Desert Launch complex for equatorial launches, KSC is for higher difficulty.
  • All Planets have an inclination of close to 11.7 degree, giving all them them basically slight axial tilt.
  • The New Kerbol System:
  • Sun: Not quite 3.5 scale (for better SPECTRA look) but geeASL of 31 G, for higher mass and faster moving orbits, since TimeWarp is vanilla.
  • Moho
    (resembling [rsmb] a Mercury)
  • Tylo: slow retrograde rotation (slower than orbital period). Stripped away atmosphere, maybe a Chtolian Planet?
    (rsmb a Venus without Atmosphere)
  • Kerbin
    (rsmb Earth)
    • Mun
      (rsmb Moon)
  • Duna
    (rsmb Mars)
  • Jool: added a faint thin ring.
    (resembling a Jupiter & Saturn)
    • Bop: far upscaled and weighted to slightly above Vall. Takes place of Laythe.
      (rsmb an Io)
    • Vall
      (rsmb an Europa)
    • Laythe: Scaled up to just slightly above Vall. Reduced geeASL. Removed Oxygen. Atmosphere scaled to 142 km. broken tidal-lock, very very slow rotation.
      (resembling a Ganymede & Titan)
    • Ike: tidally locked, inclined Orbit.
      (rsmb a Callisto & Iapetus)
    • Dres: Not scaled, geeASL lightened to adjust. Asteroids will generate nearby.
      (rsmb many many small moons with the asteroid generation feature.)
  • Eve: scaled to over 5000km, added two blue rings.
    (rsmb a Uranus & Neptune)
    • Minmus: inside the rings, not scaled. geeASL lowered accordingly.
      (rsmb a Naiad, Thalassa etc...)
    • Pol:
      (rsmb a Titania)
    • Eeloo: Retrograde and inclined orbit.
      (rsmb a Triton)
  • Gilly: not scaled, lighter geeASL. faster spin, highly eccentric orbit above the sun.
    (rsmb a comet)






Skyrex Youtube













It should work and I will start my career in it now. But I think testing for mistakes at this stage is quicker if done by many people. It should be playable and maybe even finished. but if you find something very off, make a post here please and I'll edit it. Or edit it yourself, it's MIT licensed. Just a config file after all.




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Updated the Mod,
The Sun is now only scaled up by Factor 2 in Size and has increased mass to 3.7 geeASL.

This ensures interplanetary velocities in between stock and real life, while still keeping the suns SPECTRA look intact.

Also increased Kerbins rotation to 12 hours.


I recommend the Mod WarpEverywhere to ensure a playable experience visiting the outer Giants Jool and Eve

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