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Chandrayaan 2


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ISRO launched Chandrayaan 2 (chandra=moon, yaan=vehicle) aboard a GSLV- mkIII on 22nd July. Youtube link here.


Unmanned Orbiter-Lander-Rover mission to Moon/Mun's South Pole.

  • All upper stage modules should be be solar powered,
  • Orbiter must be in  a low, circular and polar orbit.
  • Lander (Vikram) carrying the rover must land in a crater near the south pole.
  • Rover (Pragyan) should be housed inside the lander and must have a drill and seismograph.(EDIT: surface exploration & science parts)

For those wanting a challenge:

Realism mods such as RO, other aesthetic mods, mechjeb, kOS, KER, etc are allowed. Stock entries are also welcome.

Take it as a challenge and try to replicate it OR simply just have some fun doing it, totally up to you guys! 

Feel free to post your screenshots, crafts, ideas, suggestions and comments.


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Added some clarifications
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Hello all !

Here is my entry : I tried to make the craft as close to reality as possible. I spent many hours in the VAB and trying to find blueprints & schematics, but that's just what I love !


Here is the GSLV ready for takeoff 


This is the mission's payload (orbiter & lander)

For the rest, check out the mission gallery : https://imgur.com/gallery/3dZ8OIK

You mentioned a drill in the challenge guidelines, however, I couldn't find any reference to a drill being part of the mission. Instead, I put a Surface Scanning Module on the rover, and a Thermometer and a Seismic Accelerometer on the lander to simulate the mission's main science instruments, hope you don't mind ;)

It was a great project and I'm glad you put this challenge up, wonderful way to fill in my holidays :D


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@Mopoii Thank you for the mission images! They look awesome, must've been a fun mission! I bet ISRO would love these images too! :) 

Its so dark inside those craters on the poles; considering such a shoe-string budget, lets hope Chandrayaan 2 is successful!

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I think i'm going to try and do this challenge, when i'm done I will give you a video showing the whole mission. Edit: Also, is using the MechJeb mod allowed? I'm just wondering because i'm not sure if its allowed in this challenge or not.

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39 minutes ago, Pds314 said:

"Lander (Vikram) carrying the rover must land in a crater"
Too soon. ;.;

There is no quick save and quick load in real life. At least we have the orbiter functioning. Hope they figure out what really went wrong with the lander and why comms was lost. It just needs "more boosters"!!! LOL

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