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KSP Enhanced Edition patch 7 is live!

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Hello everyone! 

A new patch for Kerbal Space Program: Enhanced Edition is live!

This patch contains bug fixes and improvements, particularly regarding performance optimization, among other things!

If you want to continue helping us out by providing us with feedback and bug-reports, you can do so through our Bugtracker.

Check out this patch's Changelog for further details:

Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition 01.07

*Improved performance when scrolling through the Parts List in the VAB/ SPH.
*Reduced frame rate drop in the VAB/SPH when pointing the camera to specific areas.
*Optimized code for the green Marquee highlight.
*Reduced hitches while editing fairings in the editors.
*Fixed memory leaks.

*Fixed category with names missing space when filtering parts by resources in the VAB.
*(Xbox) Fixed buttons not working in main controller when two controllers are connected.
*Fixed subassemblies menu appears briefly after reverting to the VAB/ SPH during
*Fixed RB+Y can't be used to focus on the tutorial window while in cursor
*Fixed incorrect button prompt in the 'Getting Started and Basic Construction' tutorial.
*Fixed camera rotating when opening the UI Region Selector in Flight Mode using the Simplified Preset during gameplay.
*Fixed title hitching when reverting vessels to the VAB.
*Fixed user losing functionality when double clicking a vessel while the "Change Flag" screen is open in the Runway or the Launch Pad.
*(Xbox) Fix Toggle Sites icon in the Tracking Station not displaying correctly.
*Fixed Altimeter region stops responding when navigating to the top of the region while flying in Simplified mode.
*Fixed multiple maneuver nodes can be placed around in Map using Left or Right on D-Pad.
*Fixed title becomes unresponsive when using the Cheats window to set the player's orbit to "0".

+++ 31/06/19 Hotfix
*fixed performance issue

Thank you and happy launchings!

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