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For now, obstaskles are blocking the solar panel entirely. That looks weird. Most panels are segmented and may be blocked by piecemeal.

For example,  SP-L 1x6 Photovolcanic Panels consist of 6 segments and produce 1.8 energy, so each segment may produce 0.3 energy and may be blocked independently.

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On 7/26/2019 at 7:10 AM, fulgur said:

This would be a good idea, but be aware that that would be hard to code.

no it wouldn't 

For example take a look at the reactive armor I made for BDAc, it has multiple points on a single armor part that go off depending on if said point is hit instead of the one beside it .... using a similar setup you could easily code something to do what was described

Only caveat is the part would need additional transforms, one for each 'cells' on the panel to act as a sensor (to detect if light is hitting it)

Not difficult, just Squad would need to have an interest in doing it ... unless a modder decides to take up the challenge I don't see this happening anytime soon 

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