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Here's my Mil Mi-24 Hind I made with the new breaking ground/1.7.3 parts, I hope you enjoy!

Parts: 161

Weight: 21.613t

Length: 18.8m

Top Speed (asl): 50 m/s

KerbalX Link

Flight instructions notes

First, start the Fuel cell with AG1 and turn on SAS. Next, the heli's rotors are the control point, so control the heli's vertical power with the rotor deploy angle (this control system is sensitive to changes). Set the throttle to roughly 30%, let the rotors spool up, and you're up! AG2 controls the juno engines in rotor assembly, and are used for higher straight line speed, and are not necessary to standard hover flight.






My other russian aircraft replicas

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6 minutes ago, IkranMakto said:

Reaction wheel or swashplate? 

I like this 5-blade rotor :)

reaction wheel

swash plate would’ve been kinda tough aesthetically plus i don’t have enough experience with them

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