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Bug Report: Propellers don't work in water


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I have found propellers won't work when partially submerged. This put a stop on creating stock boats and aquatic rovers.
Here is an experiment to demonstrate: 

Here, propellers have it going like no one's business


But here, same set up, and you're quite literally dead in the water 


I hope this is an oversight and not intended. Sure, water propellers are slightly different,  but it's not like an airplane prop would be useless. 
It would be great to see this patched, so we can build stock propeller powered watercraft, for Eve, Laythe, and just on Kerbin.


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Yes, it looks like the lift of the new props goes to zero under water.  

I suspect Squad will be reviewing the lift physics these props, because it is too easy to make a perpetual motion machine with them.  But I also suspect they won't include underwater lift unless one of us puts a bug report on their tracker with at least a craft file, better with a savefile.

Quite soon after the BG motors were available, people made props including submarines (link) using the old control surfaces, which do work as propellers under water.

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