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Time to do ALL THE THINGS on the Mun

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I loaded my career this weekend and had forgotten about this:



Crikey. I guess I better rename my mission to Kerpollo 15 and add a rover with an arm and all of the science instruments.

P.S. I bought 0.20.2 six years ago last Tuesday.  I haven't even played HALO that long!

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I actually love those kinds of missions.  I'll sometimes wait until I have a bunch of contracts that I can do in a single mission, then run through them all at once.  

Doing any one of the contracts is a simple enough engineering challenge, but trying to do all of them and figuring out how to do so cost-effectively is a lot of fun.  

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Yeah these are the fun missions!

If I'm not sure I can accomplish all of them, I just do the one or few contracts I know I can do and see if I can tackle some more while I'm performing them. If I'm convinced the craft can do it, I'll accept the extra contract(s) and return to the mission.

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