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Playing through a campaign after upgrading to 1.7.3... things were going swimmingly (pun intended) until my Kerbals splashed down from their first trip to Minmus in their nifty Mk 1-3 command module... which promptly plummeted below the surface, open parachutes and all, until the pressure limit was reached and the capsule exploded.  (Really should be imploded, of course, but then it shouldn't have sunk in the first place...)  I reverted to a quicksave and brought it down on land.  Tried it again on a different mission, including jettisoning the heat shield; no joy.  Reverted and landed on land.

Doing a search of the forums fingered Kerbalism as possible culprit, but I do not have Kerbalism.  Are there any other mods that might cause this behavior?  I have successfully splashed down Mk 1 pods in the meantime, so it seems to be something with the Mk 1-3, or at least with pods heavier than the Mk 1?

I'm looking suspiciously at the suite of mods with the GEA (Graphics Enhancement Array), as those all went in in a bunch... thinking of removing them all and just going with Scatterer and EVE, which seem to be the major parts of GEA anyway.  But on the face of them, none of them would seem to me to be doing anything to buoyancy.

Any thoughts?

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20 minutes ago, MaxwellsDemon said:

Any thoughts?

A mod probably added some resources to the part which will increase the mass of it, for example any life support mod (not just kerbalism) or IIRC, deadly reentry adds ablator to every pod.

A log file and the ModuelManager.ConfigCache would be helpful if you need exactly to know which mod modified the pod :)

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