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Making History fix Soyuz capsules

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I would really like the three "capsules" KV-1, 2, 3 reduced to one, with no ablator and the introduction of a new 3 person capsule that looks more like the proper Soyuz descent module, I can't understand why all the other Soyuz like parts where introduced but the utility module became a descent module, and the actual descent module was left out in favour of a three person globe with no flat bottom!


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14 minutes ago, KeranoKerman said:

The pods in game are meant to replicate the descent modules used on the Vostok and Voshkod missions. There’s probably mod(s) that have lookalike pods.

Happy flying.

Damn, your right :huh:, and i guess Making History is Saturn V era , I never really investigated the provenance of the Russian parts. Still Soyuz started in 1967....

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As Jeb, Bill, and Bob don't fit the Soyuz capsule, they decided to land in the habitat module.
So, they use Vostok capsule instead.
As they don't need the native Soyuz capsule anymore, they use it to store snacks. Out of snacks - nothing to land.


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You think that's bad, what about the Gemini capsule? The nose is too small and the bottom is too fat to add the payload adapter section which expanded outward to connect to the Titan II but seeing as the Titan style parts are also 1.875 like the bottom of the Gemini capsule, you either go with an unrealistic straight cylinder or use the 1.875-2.5m adaptor and have to use the 2.5m parts! The pack needs some work.

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11 hours ago, ZooNamedGames said:

what about the Gemini capsule?

Kerbal eyes are sitting too low.
They need a periscope to look in the Gemini windows.

For me, two periscopes under windows would be the best solution to keep both view from cabin and historical shape of the capsule.
Anyway tin KSP they don't jettison the hatch doors for ejection, so it would not be disturbing too much.

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