[1.7.*] MEPS - Multipurpose Express Pallet System - Re-release - 08/Aug

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So, do you remember the astonishing MEPS?? No?? (don't worry, no one does!)

We, TBS Hardware, decided that failing once is not enough, so we are re-releasing a new, reworked...


MEPS - Multipurpose Express Pallet System




Conceived when a clerk used a garden trellis to carry some heavy boxes by the top minds of our construction store, the MEPS was created to facilitate resupply missions to space stations or planetary bases!

Ferrying resources to your Space Station have never been harder easier!






Multiple variants available using the new Stock Part Variant!



Check out our Imgur Album


Get your pallet now!



Dropbox (mirror)



Version History:

v0.5 - 08/aug/2019
- New model and texture from scratch, brand new release

v0.2.1 - 03/09/2014
- Reduced texture size to a more RAM friendly size

v0.2 - 02/09/2014
- TweakScale support added
- Fixed the radial attachment node on MEPS Offset frame

v0.1 - 02/09/2014
- Initial Release


Serious Stuff:


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Edited by Thiagobs

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let me know if you need help with CKan

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Mod verified to work with 1.9.1! Love this mod!

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