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Kronus' 1:1 Stock Airliner Replica Hangar

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Decided to take a break from the wings and add the windows and doors to the fuselage. This was about a day and a half of work, not really that much. But it really helps the craft feel like like it's closer to completion IMO. Taking everything into account my running estimate for the final part count is 2800 parts.


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For the time being the 747sp is shelved, despite all appearances the plane is easily a month away from completion. And after having done redone so many parts of the craft so many times I am completely and utterly burned out. I regret to say it, but I don't know when or if I'd continue it. For now I'm taking a break. I'm sorry for the dissapointment.


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Good news All
Progress is restarting on my 747sp. As is often the case with me I burned myself out quite soundly. After a (checks clock) 2 month break I have the energy to start working again. I won't be devoting nearly as much time to KSP as I have been in the past, so don't expect posts to be too frequent.

All this time away allowed me to have a brain wave and figure out a practical solution to the problem of the second zap flap. This means that all of the wing mechanisms are completely finished.

I've also went back and reworked the JT9D, It's now much more accurate, has 40 less parts, and in my opinion looks better.
I also want to thank everyone who has checked out this topic. It is by far the most popular one that I've ever posted, and I promise to try make it worth that much attention.

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A major development has occurred for my 747sp build. With the help of @HB Stratos and @Servo, we've been developing a new type of stock tech that allows for large, strong, and reliable stock mechanisms, all without requiring the DLC as well as keeping the entire vessel a single craft. We call it "Bendy Tech". Servo made detailed forum post on the matter, so give it a look to learn more! 

Importantly for my 747sp project, I will be using this new tech to rebuild all of the preexisting stock mechanisms on the craft, as well as add new ones. Bendy Tech allows for much more compact designs, so first thing I set my sights on was custom elevators for the tailplanes.


I'm quite proud of the result. It looks quite smooth and clean, and functionally is fantastic, with a high degree of deflection and actuation speed


I'll be working hard to crank out all the other mechanisms on the craft, and will try to share progress updates regularly.


Also, my estimate for the final part count of the craft has risen to 3100... Cheers!

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18 minutes ago, Jeb-head-mug kerman said:

Nice work with the airliners, @Kronus_Aerospace! I just have a question as I to am interested in building stock replicas, what did you use for the windows and cockpits?

For windows I used  the round Illuminators, Real airliners typically have more slot shaped windows, but these work well as they are almost perfectly sized and are just a single part. For the cockpit I used Fuel cells. Solar panels also work and are generally better part count wise, but Fuel cells offer much more flexibility as you can use the thin sides, not just the faces, to resolve the shape of the cockpit windows. A specific technique that really helps when it comes to cockpits is to mark out the outline of all the windows with structural panels, and then just filling that space in with The fuel cells, it's an easy way of removing the eye-balling as well as speeding up the process.

I'd be wary of using fuel cells for craft that don't have fairing bodies however, as otherwise they produce quite some drag.

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