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hey everyone. i'm not much of a writer but more  of a ksp player so i'll keep this short and if you have any questions i will answer them.


what i basically made is a internal combustion piston engine that works in ksp. the great inovation in this one are the interupter plates that block the thrust of the rocket engine when the piston is coming up. that is why you see all of those gears. of course this engine only works when you enable the temp and fuel cheat but i don't think that at least the first one is avoidable.

it turns at around 100 rpm. i made 2 versions: a 2 cylinder and a 4 cylinder. however the last one proved to be not much of an improvement.

in the pictures you will also see i integrated it into a vehicle ( i basically put some oversized wheels under it and a propellor on the crank pulley.















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21 hours ago, Azimech said:

Good work. For temperature management and efficiency may I suggest jet engines?

This might help. Don't know if it still runs under 1.7.3, it's quite old.

Yes jet engines would have been better but my new design utilizes them. I did not realise before that when you have the motors engaged on the rotors that this creates a lot of resistance :)

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