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Ephraim Stone

Cant copy parts anymore


Hi guys

So on xbox I cant copy parts any more; holding X and A doesnt seem to register. 

May sound minor, but in actual fact stops you building anything complex without manually trying to make the same thing over and over again, which never ends up perfect.


So for instance if I want multiple satellites on one launcher , i have to make them all individually,  and inevitably end up with errors, imbalances etc.


Anyone come across the same?





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There is some fishy stuff happening for me to, valentina has been to mun minmus duna ike jool moons excluding tylo and is still a 2☆. sometimes when i try to rendeuve with my spacestation the station does get pushed away by some kind of shadow force. Switching to an vessel makes it explode. Expanding the inflatable heatshild will send the vessel out of the kerbolsystem with the speed of light.

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