Mods that allow for consistent background flights?

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Are there any mods where I could set up a mission which would be repeated on a regular basis?

Such as having a space station around Duna with craft that automatically go down to the moons and mine for fuel so the space station always has fuel? I'm more specifically thinking about this so is there another way of doing this so I dont have to be constantly doing the same mission over and over again?

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Posted (edited)

Theres at least two that I know of...
one is this:

There is another that basically records any flight you do the first time you do it manually, then you can have it "automagically" repeat the flight...
Darned if I can rememeber the name right nao, tho...
Darn CRS :P

EDIT: nvm... found it:

EDIT2: oh shoot... looks like that only works fro things launched from KSC, and only ending within Kerbin's SOI ... :(

EDIT3: nvm... looks like you can modify some cfgs to change which planet SOIs it works in :thumbs_up:


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